"I appreciated that it was digestible and actionable—while our sessions went deep, I left with clear takeaways and an approachable action plan.  Past experiences have gone too deep without a clear path to dig out of the self-reflection or have only scratched the surface and didn’t get to the core of me as an individual.  This was just the…right amount of change to make incremental progress.”

“While Sherryl took time to unpack my EQ profile and engage in developmental meetings one-on-one, the program also provided a roadmap to deepen my EQ training on my own. The program yielded immediate results in my personal and professional relationships.”

“I am so much more aware of and sensitive to my impact on others and I now know what to actually do about it. Overall, a super effective use of time that provided immediate payoff and will continue to help me grow into the future.”

"I started the EQ program because I’ve witnessed the positive results XX reaped from the program. Sherryl walked me through personal situations without being judgmental or overbearing. The program helped identify areas that cause stress and provided step-by-step guidelines on how to better manage my reactions to those influences.”